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Building Community and Having Fun at Palo Alto Little League


Feel the buzz of all of Palo Alto Little League on the same field, as we officially kick off the 2018 Spring season with high fives, inspiring local speakers, special awards and a celebration of all things we love about baseball.

Saturday March 17 at 8:30am.
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Have a ball with Little League friends at a Stanford Baseball game. PALL kids get special treatment - on the field for a chalk talk and the national anthem, free ice cream and more! Tickets for players are free, and only $ for friends and family.

Sunday April 15th at 12pm at the Sunken Diamond
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League-wide calendar of Events

Team Game / Event Date Time Location
PALL    AAA Season Opener March 24, 2018 TBD   No Specific Location
PALL    Picture Day Makeup March 25, 2018 TBD   Middlefield Ballpark
PALL    PALL at Stanford Baseball April 15, 2018 12:00 pm   Stanford Sunken Diamond
PALL    Majors Championship May 20, 2018 03:00 pm   Middlefield Ballpark
PALL    PCL and Majors Memorial Day Jamboree May 26, 2018 TBD   Middlefield Ballpark
PALL    PALL supports PALY Baseball May 04, 2018 04:00 pm   Palo Alto High School
PALL    Free Skills Clinic - 7-9 year olds March 23, 2018 07:00 pm   El Camino Park
PALL    Free Skills Clinic 10-13 year olds March 23, 2018 08:00 pm   El Camino Park
PALL    AAA/PCL Clinic - Fielding March 18, 2018 03:00 pm   Middlefield Ballpark
PALL    AAA/PCL Clinic - Pitching and Catching March 18, 2018 04:00 pm   Middlefield Ballpark

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