Palo Alto Google Cloud knocked off Palo Alto Big Dogs on June 5 by a score of 11-9 to win the District 52 Juniors championship. The Juniors division includes twenty-one teams from throughout the Peninsula; the two Palo Alto teams battled their way through their divisions into the championship. By beating Big Dogs, Google Cloud avenged its only loss of the season.

Google Cloud roster: Jonathan Chen, Aditya Weinger, Colton Sims, Battle Scott, Seve Noh, Chapin Walker, Justin Fung,  Sho Newman, Lucas Lai, Marco Arradaza, Tye Peavey, Adrian Lee, Isaac Fredricson

Big Dogs roster: Benjamin Zhu, Cole Kristofferson, Rylan See, Kevan Chen, Anders Lo, Edward Chen, Robert Kimble, Jack Yong, Landon, Abhi Deshpande, Elliot Engstrom, Jonah Ferrell, Willem Madwel, Julian Rabbitt-Tomita, Mack Reller, Clement Romanski, Landon