I joined the Board to support an organization that provided a wonderful environment for my son to play in for several years. On top of that, when I was growing up, I also played Little League and I am thrilled to be paying that back with my participation on the Board.

My role with the Board focuses primarily on securing sponsorships for PALL. The money we raise from our sponsors is critical for the League to provide the best experience for kids, coaches and families. Funds from sponsorships are used for:
-Supplemental training for kids
-Safety, skills, and Positive Coaching Alliance training for our volunteer coaches
-Safe and up-to-date equipment – from Tee Ball to All Stars – that meet today’s Little League standards
-Maintenance and enhancement for our fields, community areas, clubhouse, and batting cages
-Scholarships to ensure everyone can play
-Improvements at local schools and community parks

My favorite Little League moment is when my son Jacks’ team won the Majors City Championship in 2018 after a very exciting tournament!


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