Kim Nguyen, Board President and Majors Player Agent:

I joined the Board three years ago because I love baseball and wanted to share that love with other like-minded people who want to bring the best baseball experience for our kids.


Little League has been the center of our family for many years as my son has moved up the ranks from T-ball, not only for what he does on the field but the friends he’s met along the way and their families.

It has been a common ground for the friendships we have developed over the years and provides a shared history we will never forget. For my son and I, we bond over the game of baseball and something I hope he will carry into adulthood as he develops different interests




My favorite little league moments are always when I’m in the dugout. I don’t have a specific moment but being in the dugout and watching those 12 kids play together as a team are the best moments to witness.

Every new game, inning, or at-bat has the potential for something unexpected and exciting. That’s why I love the game so much, it’s so unpredictable in both a beautiful and heartbreaking way.